Loud Brew

Feel the loud

Ridiculously smooth and delicious cold brew coffee, meticulously crafted for unreal flavor. Infused with L-theanine to support calmness, focus and clarity.

Loud Brew – Original Black, is a RTD unsweetened cold brew coffee beverage that has 150mg of caffeine, and is infused with L-Theanine for focus and clarity, also to reduce the jittery side effects of too much caffeine. It is great for a smooth boost of energy, and the flavor profile is exceptionally smooth, with no burnt or bitter aftertaste. Made with 100% Arabica coffee from Colombia, Loud Brew is sure to satisfy your coffee craving.

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The original Loud Brew extra-smooth unsweetened cold-brew coffee supports calmness, focus, and clarity. Each 8oz can of goodness delivers 150mg of caffeine supported by 50mg of L-Theanine for a non-jittery boost.