Cafe Espresso Machine Unic Mira Classic 2

Two group espresso maker with large steam boiler. This unit is typically operated for capacities upward of 25 lbs. per week. Designed for rugged commercial application, high performance during rush periods. Its most economical dimensions can place it on most counters with limited space.

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General features

4 programmable volume keys per group
Semi-automatic key for each group for manual control
Integrated shot timers
2 Stainless steel steam arms operated through switches with on, off and pulse positions
1 Hot water dispenser with flow regulation
Direct to boiler mounted group heads for shot temperature stability
Overabundant steam supply to eliminate recovery time
Adaptable for various coffee profiles – multiple infusion options
Cup Warmer
Stainless steel panels and welded steel framework
Direct drain pan to hose connection
Automatic Refill
Twin pressure gauge for pump and steam
Full sized rotary vane pump


1 single filter holder (7 gram basket)
2 double filter holders (14-16 gram baskets)
1 Blank filter basket
Stainless steel braided hose for water (1/2” NPT) and drain line


L/C foamer with 2 positions – L : for hot milk / C : for milk foam (side fridge required)
Pod baskets for 7 gram (45 or 55mm) pods and 14gram (55mm) pods