Gaggia Concetto Evo Duo Espresso Machine

Concetto Evo Duo is a fully automatic coffee machine, perfect for commercial use. This espresso machine would work great in a busy office with multiple users, hotels, convenience store or any place looking to make tasteful coffee from the touch of a button. From coffee grinding to delivering water or steam, it’s all done at the touch of a button. It has a stylish aesthetic that allows to blend easily into the most elegant of environments.

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  • Wide, easy-to-clean capacitive flat keyboard, with backlit colour beverages
  • 3.5’’ HD colour display
  • Continuous steam production
  • Simultaneous dispensing of coffee, hot water and
    steam thanks to 3 separate water circuits

Technology and Design

  • Automatic servings counter
  • Electronic pre-brewing
  • 3.5‘‘ colour display
  • Capacitive backlit keyboard
    with colour icons

Multiple Adjustable Settings

  • Coffee spout height
  • Grinder
  • Coffee gram throw and recipes
  • Milk and water volume

Easy to Use
True Espresso System

  • Automatic cappuccinatore
  • Stainless steel articulated steam wand and hot water wand
  • Continuous steam production (no damps) Simultaneous preparation of two cups
  • Simultaneous dispensing of coffee drinks, hot water and steam
  • Possibility to dispense additional
    mixing water in coffee drinks