Bunn Sure Immersion® 312 120V

Sure Immersion 312 Bean-to-Cup Coffee


  • Picture Prompted Cleaning™ Step-by-step pictures guide the operator through proper cleaning techniques for dependable performance
  • Dispenses fresh coffee by the cup or by the carafe, in 5 programmable portion sizes from 6oz to 64oz
  • Two 5lb powder hoppers
  • Hot and Iced coffee, plus 2 café style beverages to satisfy your menu requirements in one footprint
  • Each recipe has programmable Air Infusion® and Immersion Control for the ideal result in the cup
  • 17″ touchscreen with ability to show promotional videos
  • Large pictorial graphics provide engaging drink selection
  • 5.75″ to 8.25″ cup clearance
  • Filter style coffee from a vacuum system with exclusive Air Infusion® extraction control resulting in a clean, balanced cup with a smooth finish
  • Two 3lb bean hoppers and one 2lb bean hopper for fresh, whole beans

Dimensions: H 40.3″ W 20.1″ D 23.8″

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In our world of personalization and touchscreen interfaces, consumers today expect a plethora of options presented in a very visual menu. The product must consistently be a fresh, high quality beverage made specifically for each individual patron. The Sure Immersion 312 grinds and brews fresh coffee one cup at a time, and offers two powder options. An operator may represent the business’s unique brand through the screen saver and the brew video, as well as with the recipe images, names, and descriptors used throughout. In a convenience store, office, airport minimarket, or diner, this one machine can service all your hot beverage needs in one footprint.

Bunn Sure Immersion® 312 120V