Gaggia G10 Black On-Demand Espresso Grinder – 120V

With different control options, your freshly ground espresso will always be ready with this Gaggia black on-demand espresso grinder. This unit features three different grinding options, including a patented pre-grind, grind on demand, or manual control grind. The patented dose on demand is ideal for locations with high consumption peaks because your next dose is automatically pre-ground. With the grind on demand option, the dose is freshly ground and dispensed just before being served. The manual dose option provides full control of the amount, and it’s activated when the portafilter is pressed against the microswitch.

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Grind either double or single doses with any of the options, and the precise grinding adjustment offers .002 mm of variance. The unit also features a large hopper that holds 2.6 lb. of espresso beans to ensure that it is always ready to go. With steel grinding blades, this unit is built to last and can grind up to 2645 lb. of coffee. The elegant aluminum body of the unit is easy to clean. On the front of the device, there is a user-friendly 4 5/16″ touch screen.

The operating system offers different customization options like dose counter programing, logo and language customization, and parameter backup. To ensure proper maintenance, this unit will warn staff when it is time to clean the grinder and replace the blades. Implement updates like transfer parameters and upload customized images with the integrated USB port.

Overall Dimensions:
Width: 7 1/2″
Depth: 14 5/8″
Height: 24 11/6″
Capacity: 2.6 lb.

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